We’re Back! – EcoMarket 2022

EcoMarket is tentatively set for October 2022! This date may be subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions or other extenuating circumstances.

What: eMERGE EcoMarket 2022- Electrify Everything
When: Friday, October 21st 2022 |4:00 pm – 8:00 pm &
            Saturday, October 22nd 2022 |11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Where: Free and open to the public at the Old Quebec Street Shoppes!

What is EcoMarket?

We’re back! eMERGE is excited to host our sustainability exposition, the EcoMarket, after three long years. Entrance to the event is open to the public and free of charge. The EcoMarket showcases environmental organizations, sustainable products and services, and we make it fun! Join us to discover everything from electric vehicles to low flush toilets! Engage with activist groups, learn about new green initiatives, interact with sustainable technology, ask questions, and support local businesses! Located in Guelph’s Old Quebec Street Shoppes, the EcoMarket welcomes families, students, and residents of all ages looking to discover their path to sustainable living.

Do gas prices have you down? When active or public transport aren’t an option, and with gas prices becoming unaffordable, electric vehicles (EVs) are an excellent alternative. Learn about electric vehicle ownership at this year’s eMERGE EcoMarket. Previously called the EV Show, this event will familiarize you with a variety of EVs and provide you with the opportunity to ask owners questions about their vehicles.

We celebrate coming together as a community to fight climate change, but we have to band together to keep each other healthy too. eMERGE is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Learn how we’re adapting this year’s EcoMarket to be safe and fun for everyone!


Electrify Everything!

Our entire energy system, including heating and transportation, needs to be electrified. We’ve done a great job of getting rid of coal in Ontario, however, now is the time to let go of other fossil fuels like oil and natural gas. Some may highlight that natural gas is ‘less bad’ for the environment than coal or oil based products. Despite this being true, natural gas is a fossil fuel that contributes significantly to climate change. We need to decrease our reliance on all forms of fossil fuel – it’s time to pass gas. Ultimately, the systems in our homes, businesses and institutions need to be electrified. Additionally, this means accelerating alternatives to gas and diesel in the transportation sector. To do this, prioritizing sustainable modes of transportation such as walking, biking, public transit, and switching to an all-electric transportation system including e-bikes and e-vehicles is necessary. Learn more about how eMERGE is helping Guelph transition to 100% renewable energy by or before 2050.

Who is eMERGE?

eMERGE is a Non-Profit organization based in Guelph with one simple goal: fighting climate change. We aim to do this by building a healthier community and a more resilient and sustainable local economy for Guelph through reducing energy and water use and helping create important policy changes locally. As a part of this, we offer free Home Tune-Ups to create a tailored plan for households to cut down on water and gas use. We promote and support sustainable behaviour for individuals while working on a larger scale to implement green policies. One of eMERGE’s many goals is to help Guelph achieve 100% renewable energy long before 2050. 

Courtesy of Rogers TV, Guelph

Volunteer at the EcoMarket!

eMERGE is seeking volunteers to help with set up, operation and tear down. We also need EV Ambassadors – do you have an electric vehicle and want to share your experience? Reach out to us. Bring your car and tell your story!

To volunteer for the eMERGE EcoMarket 2022, contact Rasha A., Event Coordinator at rasha@emergeguelph.ca. Thank you for your support and we look forward to connecting with you in the near future!

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